Running your business takes energy and focus, you shouldn’t need to be an expert digital marketer as well, that is where we come in. The team at EME have created complete packaged solutions that deliver the services you need in a hassle-free, cost-effective way. With a track record of delivering exceptional results for clients across Chicago, we understand what it takes to achieve your goals. Our range of packaged solutions cover every situation, ensuring that you have the simple, on-stop answer for your digital marketing every time.


Our solutions include all aspects of digital marketing and web development including:

Websites – From SEO optimized WordPress sites that provide a point of contact for new and existing customers through to complete bespoke Ecommerce solutions, our web development team cover it all. Creating designs that compliment your branding and reflect your values, EME websites are never generic, they are created to convey the ideals, values and mission of your business.

Digital Marketing–Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool for business today. With 70% of Americans using at least one social media platform and a staggering 88% of 18-29-yearold Americans using social media daily, that is where your audience is. Our social media marketing strategies integrate with your website or Ecommerce solution seamlessly, engaging and building your audience and boosting brand awareness and site visitors.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is crucial in today’s crowded markets. Statistics show that to attract visitors through search engines, your business needs to be on the first page. SEO optimization works within your site to enhance how Google and other search engines see your content and ensure it is promoted to appear on that crucial first page.

Consulting – With broad industry experience, our team provide quality guidance and consulting for businesses large and small. We help identify challenges and opportunities, and then guide you towards the strategies that will overcome the former and exploit the latter. Professional, knowledgeable and innovative, whatever the challenge, our consultancy team are here to help               

Printing – Even in our digitally dominated world, business still needs printed materials. From large promotional prints to high-quality stationary and other items, we have you covered. Using cutting-edge print technology for the finest quality printing at any scale, our team can also design materials for you, offering a complete solution for all your printed material needs.